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One of the biggest problems for a small businesses are no-shows. Across industries, the average no-show rate typically ranges from 10 to 15%. That’s a whole of money wasted!

Example: Each client spends in salon $50 per appointment. With only 4-5 no-shows per week, the salon stands to lose over $13,000 over the year.

Mathematics:  5x no-shows/week x $50 per appointment x 52 weeks = $13,000/year

Main benefits of Automated Reminders

  • Automatic confirmations
  • Personalizing the message by Appointment Templates
  • Email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Push Notification or Viber text message reminder
  • Less phone time for staff
  • Reduce No-shows and Save Money
  • Remind Clients to Book Again
  • Rescue Lost Customers

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