Client Management

Really great client management means you know more than just the basics about your client. If they mention important information (their occupation, kids names and interest, …) make sure to note this. You can bring this up again in future conversations and clients will know you really listen when they speak.

Main benefits of Client Management

  • Contact details

  • Full history of visits and purchases

  • Contact details

  • Special notes feature (for example tea or coffee preferences)

  • Automatic data backup

  • Loyalty programs and promotions

  • Import or export your clients data

Profimod Client Management
With Profimod Virtual assistant software


Why Profimod Virtual Assistant Software?

Automate your customer acquisition and care process, simplify your daily work routine with simple-to-use features.


We don’t expect you to multitask. Keep everything organized in one place without any additional fuss. Manage bookings, clients and staff, reminders and so much more.  


Let customers book appointments over your website or social media. Reduce time spent on phone bookings and focus on increasing your revenue instead.

easy to use

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to use Profimod. The extremely user friendly interface removes any technical obstacle.

promote business

Spread the word about your services and attract customers with the right set of business tools. Create and manage specialized campaigns designed to promote and drive traffic from various online and offline marketing channels.

build loyalty

Retain customers and gain new ones by creating a loyalty rewards program based on how much they spend, how often they visit or how many people they refer. Engage them through social media, email, SMS or Viber.

increase revenue

Running a business can be time and money consuming. Profimod lets you set your marketing on autopilot and define strategies that allow you to gain new customers and increase sales from existing ones.