Profimod Features  – Grow Your Business!

Profimod Virtual Assistant Software helps you run your salon or small business more efficiently. With powerful Profimod software organise your day, simplify your life, reduce no-shows, improve customer retention, acquire new customers and much more!

Online Booking

Customers are connected all time with smartphones, tablets, laptops,… Allow clients to book, cancel or reschedule their own appointment using your Free Profimod website or add a Book Now button to your own website and Facebook page. More…
Autopilot Marketing
Set it and forget marketing, all happens on autopilot.Putting marketing on autopilot is a simple and easy. Vi  se fokusirate na svoj posao, a za marketing se sada, nadalje i ubuduće brine powerful autopilot umjesto Vas. More….


Client Managemet
Treat each customer like a VIP. Deliver personalised service with simplied client cards that include everything from client contact details, buying history, reward points, occupation, preferences to birthdays and favourite coffee. More….

Loyalty Program

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Social Media Marketing

Lets customera share your site back to their Facebook profile with one click. When  customers book appoitment and clicks the Like button,  a your web site appears in the custemer’s friends’ news feed with a link back to your website. And the customer clicking on Like button collect loyalty points. More…

Refferal Program

Word-of-mouth is still the best marketing tool. Consumers trust recommendations from friends and family — more than any other form of advertising. Offering customers the ability to collect loyalty points for referrals allows for the highest level of flexibility in your referral program. This will increase customers motivation to spread the word about your brand – after all, they want to earn loyalty points!


Manage your appointments online and say goodbye to pen and paper. View and manage your client appointments anytime, anywhere and on any device. Put your appoitments on auto-pilot and let Profimod fill your appointment book and take the stress out of scheduling.  More…
Staff Management
Simple and easy organize your employee scheduling, including flexibile working schedules, time off, add bookings to the appointment calendar and reschedule clients if they need to move their appointment. More….



Free Website and Blog
In your Profimod account you enter in a bunch of the normal information that you would display on a website already – your opening hours, list of services, staff details, contact details, etc.Your website automatically generates when you pick the one of beautiful design templates. More….

Automated Reminders

Appointment Reminder is an easy to use software system that automatically reminds your customers about their appointments by email, SMS or Viber text message. This powerfull technology frees up your time to serve more customers, boosting your revenue. More….

Happy Hour

Fast and easy set up Happy Hour Discounts that automatically turn on and off during the specified time. Every successful small business or salon who is looking for new and fresh ideas use Happy Hour to enhance his business. More….

Online Gift Vouchers

Why not have your own custom gift voucher to ensure your style and brand. Profimod Gift Voucher and Coupon Management allow you  fast and easy set up Happy Hour Discounts that automatically turn on and off during the specified time.  More….


Connect your favorite tools making it easier to streamline your day to day activities. Integrate with: Google, Facebook, Instagram, Mail Chimp, Stripe, PayPal, Zapier, More…
Multiple Locations
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Point of Sale
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Profimod software features
With Profimod Virtual assistant software


Why Profimod Virtual Assistant Software?

Automate your customer acquisition and care process, simplify your daily work routine with simple-to-use features.


We don’t expect you to multitask. Keep everything organized in one place without any additional fuss. Manage bookings, clients and staff, reminders and so much more.  


Let customers book appointments over your website or social media. Reduce time spent on phone bookings and focus on increasing your revenue instead.

easy to use

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to use Profimod. The extremely user friendly interface removes any technical obstacle.

promote business

Spread the word about your services and attract customers with the right set of business tools. Create and manage specialized campaigns designed to promote and drive traffic from various online and offline marketing channels.

build loyalty

Retain customers and gain new ones by creating a loyalty rewards program based on how much they spend, how often they visit or how many people they refer. Engage them through social media, email, SMS or Viber.

increase revenue

Running a business can be time and money consuming. Profimod lets you set your marketing on autopilot and define strategies that allow you to gain new customers and increase sales from existing ones.

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